02 Oct 2017

A new report released today shows the impact that Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to penalty rates will have on Australian families this long weekend.

Today in Victoria, and on Monday in other parts of the country, hundreds of thousands of Australians will be enjoying a public holiday with their friends and family.

However, many Australians will still be working – serving others and keeping our economy ticking in the retail, fast food, hospitality and fast food sectors.

Analysis by the McKell Institute finds that the decision to cut penalty rates will affect as many as a quarter of a million workers over this long weekend, leaving them as much as $9.5 million worse off in total.

That’s as much as $9.5 million that is being ripped from the pockets of working and middle class Australians over just two days.

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals supported the decision to cut penalty rates. The Government had the power to reverse these cuts in the Parliament, but they refused to support Labor’s legislation to protect workers.

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals own these cuts. They are responsible for the impact these cuts will have on Australian families.

Malcolm Turnbull’s support for cuts to penalty rates shows how out of touch he is with the lives of middle and working class people. He just doesn’t understand how much these cuts will hurt families struggling with the cost of living.

While Malcolm Turnbull cuts penalty rates for up to 700,000 Australian workers, he is giving millionaires a $16,400 tax cut and spending $65 billion on a tax handout to the big banks and multinational corporations.

Australians needs a pay rise, not a pay cut.

Bill Shorten and Labor will make different choices than Turnbull’s out of touch Liberals. We will reverse Turnbull’s tax cuts for millionaires and multinationals, and restore penalty rates in our first 100 days of government.

Bill Shorten and Labor will put middle and working class people first.


We'll Put People First.