19 Sep 2017

The Prime Minister’s extraordinary admission that he knew about the litigation against Mr Hadgkiss ‘because it was public knowledge’ has exposed Minister Michaelia Cash’s version of events in the growing Hadgkiss scandal.
The litigation against Mr Hadgkiss commenced on 19 August 2016 which was covered by the media. 
Minister Cash’s claim that she didn’t know about the behaviour until October 2016 is unbelievable.
If the Prime Minister knew, why didn’t she?
Minister Cash’s story is unravelling by the day.  She must front up and tell the truth about what actually happened.
The Prime Minister’s admission reveals the truth – that the Government re-introduced the ABCC legislation, knowing that it would result in Mr Hadgkiss becoming Commissioner, and they did nothing to prevent it.
The ABCC bills were re-introduced into the Parliament by the Turnbull Government on 31 August 2016, after the litigation against Mr Hadgkiss had commenced.
Why did the Minister push the ABCC legislation through the parliament, requiring that Mr Hadgkiss was appointed as ABCC Commissioner, despite knowing the behaviour that Mr Hadgkiss had engaged in?
Did the Minister inform the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of the serious nature of Mr Hadgkiss’s behaviour, and that the ABCC bills as drafted would ensure his appointment as Commissioner?
This is a scandal and nothing short of an independent inquiry will do.
Every time the conservatives talk about the ‘rule of law’, Australians will know that the Prime Minister and Minister Cash were aware for more than a year of Mr Hadgkiss’s behaviour, which amounted to a serious breach of the very laws that he was supposed to uphold – and yet did nothing.
This shows a contempt for the rule of law – and the seriousness of this situation cannot be overstated.

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