12 Sep 2017

True to form, the Turnbull Government is threatening to introduce laws which would continue to attack workers and their representatives.

Let’s junk the fear and smear of the Turnbull Government and call it for what it is - an attempt to destroy superior industry superannuation, which if successful will diminish the retirement savings of workers, while handing over the management of billions of dollars to Malcolm Turnbull’s mates – the Banks.

The Liberal Party has always opposed the concept of universal superannuation, and has always voted against a guaranteed superannuation minimum. In 2014, one of its many broken election promises was to freeze superannuation at 9.5 per cent until 2019. 

Contrary to Minister Cash’s claims about putting workers first, this has always been about attacking workers’ savings and diminishing the role of unions in protecting the interests of their members.

It is increasingly evident that this Government sees unions as their political enemy and a threat – and rather than focusing on improving wage growth or job security, it is obsessed with fear campaigns and ripping away the structures that support workers.

This government is dysfunctional and divided and is only united when it is attacking workers and their unions.
The Government’s attacks aimed at reducing workers’ bargaining power include:
• Cutting the penalty rates from the Award conditions relied on by the lowest paid workers;
• Encouraging the termination of Agreements onto Awards, which undermines wages and conditions;
• Giving a $65 billion tax cut to big business, while raising taxes for over 7 million workers.
Under the Turnbull government we are headed to a low-wage, easy-to-hire, easy-to-fire society.

We'll Put People First.