10 Aug 2017

Labor has zero tolerance for corruption of any form, however the Turnbull Government’s obsession with unions has resulted in flawed legislation that ignores legitimate corruption in other areas.
The Corrupting Benefits Bill remains fatally flawed, preventing Labor’s support.
The Bill subjects employers, workers and unions to serious penalties for conduct that is not corrupt, dishonest or improper in any way.
There is no such offence for politicians and other public officials.
There is no such offence for company to company transactions.
This is an attack on unions, not on corruption. If Malcolm Turnbull cared about tackling corruption, wherever it is found, he would work with Labor on better legislation.
In light of recent revelations alleging misconduct in the Victorian branch of the Liberal Party, it is extraordinary that the Turnbull Government continues to confine its attack on unions and pretend this is not happening in their own ranks.
They have a former director of the Victorian Liberal Party convicted and jailed for stealing millions of dollars in campaign funds. This week serious questions have been raised in relation to the conduct of the leader of the Victorian Liberals and his dealings with organised crime. Yesterday, it was revealed that former Liberal Minister Bruce Billson failed to notify the register of interests of his compromised position, working for a lobby group at the same time as being a member of parliament.
Problems with the Bill were identified by the Law Council of Australia, by employer bodies and unions, including the Ai Group and the ACTU. While Labor’s accepted amendments improved the Bill, unfortunately it remains fundamentally flawed.
A Labor Government would address corruption everywhere in the economy, unlike Malcolm Turnbull who wants to attack unions and protect his mates in big business.
Labor has zero tolerance for corruption of any form, and we call on Malcolm Turnbull to join us and commit to addressing it wherever it is found.

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