08 Aug 2017

I will be absent from the forthcoming parliamentary sittings in August to be with my family as my wife, Jodi Dack, fights to restore her health.
In 2012, Jodi was diagnosed with breast cancer which led to very invasive medical treatment. I took some parliamentary leave at the time. 

The illness returned in 2014 and Jodi has fought fiercely in the intervening years and continues to fight.
This month we were informed of further bad news and another bout of intensive and invasive medical treatment is required.
While I will continue to work on portfolio and constituent matters I need to be closer to home to be there for my family for the next month.
Accordingly, I have informed the Leader of the Opposition, the Manager of Opposition Business, and the Chief Opposition Whip of my intentions and I thank them for their understanding and support.
I thank my staff and caucus colleagues, and in particular, Senator Cameron, the Members for Chifley and Bendigo in advance, for helping me in the parliament and thank everyone for their well wishes.
I thank the forbearance of the Parliament. Jodi and I have every intention of seeing off this most recent challenge and getting on with living a rich and purposeful life.


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