18 May 2017

Labor welcomes the decrease in the unemployment rate to 5.7 per cent, but we are concerned this masks a fall in full-time, decent jobs.

With 11,600 full-time jobs shed in April, the drop in unemployment can can be attributed to an increase in part-time work, with an extra 49,000 part-time jobs in April, according to today's Australians Bureau of Statistics labour force figures.

The underemployment rate remains at record highs with more than 1 million Australians looking for more work but unable to find it. This is not surprising considering the total number of hours worked decreased by 4.3 million hours, and only 42 per cent of all jobs created in the past year have been full time

In total, there remains a concerning 1.8 million Australians who are under-utilised in the labour market.

These new figures follow the Turnbull Governments unfair 2017 Budget, which forecasts nearly 100,000 fewer jobs compared to the last Budget.

Just one year on from promises of "Jobs and Growth", the 2017 Budget forecasts higher unemployment, and lower employment growth.

Coupled with yesterday's wages growth figures that show real wages are actually declining, it is no wonder Australians are crying out for a jobs plan from this Government.

The continued increase in part-time employment at the expense of full-time jobs is likely having a negative impact on wages growth.

This is a Government that, at a time of record low wages growth, supports cuts to penalty rates and, and plans to increase taxes on ten million working Australians while giving a tax cut to millionaires.

We'll Put People First.