18 May 2017

The Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Brendan O'Connor, joined the Member for Oxley Milton Dick, at Woodcrest State College to talk about Labor's commitment to local skills and training.
Woodcrest College is a trade training centre funded and built by the former Labor Government. Building these trade training centres was a Labor initiative because we have had a long history understanding the need to train young Australians with the skills they need for jobs now and in the future.
Labor recently announced a crack down on 457 visa rorts and a commitment to building a skilled workforce, reducing our reliance on overseas workers to fill skills shortages.
Labor will increase the cost of temporary visas to encourage employers to look local first. We will ensure that there are not loopholes to waive labour market testing in trade deals, and we will establish a new SMART Visa for world-leaders in Science, Medicine, Academia, Research and Technology.
The next phase of our commitment to local skills is our SkillUP Training Fund, established through revenue raised from visa fee increases, and which will deliver lifetime training, and real jobs with decent wages, ensuring our businesses have access to the skills they need to thrive in our modern economy.
Labor's agenda in skills and training will help reverse the Liberals' damage to skills and training - which has resulted in $2.5 billion in funding cuts and 130,000 fewer apprenticeship places.
Instead of cutting courses and closing campuses, Labor will rescue TAFE, moving away from the Turnbull Government's low-skilled, low-wage, low-growth economy. 
Local families in Queensland will benefit from these changes which put local skills and local jobs first.
With underemployment at record highs and wages growth at record lows, Australians and Queenslanders in particular deserve more than a Government that chooses big business over working Australians.


We'll Put People First.