11 May 2017

The Budget announced last night confirms Labor is the only party serious about getting more Australians properly trained and into good jobs.
This Budget hurts every Australian family. The Turnbull Government is out of touch and has failed to put Australian jobs first or guarantee genuine investment in skills and training

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton rushed his temporary skilled migration announcement, didn’t undertake appropriate consultation and has been besieged by industry pointing out the unintended impacts.
The Liberals have done nothing to stop hundreds of jobs being listed for overseas workers at the expense of Australians and fails to provide fair dinkum labour market testing.
Only Labor has promised an independent, labour market testing body – the Australian Skills Authority – to ensure temporary skilled migration visas are only used when a genuine skills gap cannot be met with local workers.
The Government’s newly announced Skilling Australians Fund is a fraud that will see more than $166 million cut from skills and training in 2017-2018 alone.
The Budget papers also reveal the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has 245 fewer staff. That’s hundreds of staff no longer processing visas, cracking down on rorts or protecting our borders.

Labor will always stand up for local jobs, investment in skills and training and crack down on rorts in the skilled migration program.
Australians just can’t trust Malcolm Turnbull to deliver a fair budget, to protect local jobs or to invest in skills and training – he doesn’t believe it and his party doesn’t believe it.

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