11 May 2017

The Turnbull Government’s unfair 2017 Budget fails the jobs test, forecasting higher unemployment under a government that is bereft of a jobs plan.

There are nearly 100,000 fewer jobs forecast compared to the last Budget. How exactly is this “better days”?

Just one year on from promises of “Jobs and Growth”, the 2017 Budget has weaker growth and fewer jobs. It’s no wonder they have dropped the slogan.

Compared to last year’s Budget, the forecast unemployment is higher, while forecasts for employment growth, wages growth and GDP growth are all lower.

Nothing in this Budget delivers good jobs now - a time when the unemployment rate is at the same as the peak of Global Financial Crisis.

Australians are crying out for a real plan for jobs from this government. What they have instead is a government that supports cuts to penalty rates.

Malcolm Turnbull needs to realise that there will be no growth in jobs resulting from slashing penalty rates.

The only people who will see better times from this Budget are big business and the well off.

There was absolutely no mention of ensuring workers do not have their penalty rates cut in the Budget and that is because Malcolm Turnbull supports these cuts. He owns them.

It says everything about this Government that they have absolutely no jobs plans for Australians, yet they have a meticulous plan to deliver tax handouts for multinationals and millionaires.

The Turnbull Government’s jobs programs are failing because there are not enough jobs to put those people into.

It’s time Mr Turnbull decided to back workers instead of multinationals and millionaires.

Australians can’t trust Malcolm Turnbull to deliver a fair Budget – he doesn’t believe it, his party doesn’t believe it.


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