31 May 2018

Research from the Australia Institute is yet another confirmation of the increasing precarious nature of work. 
The Report, The Dimensions of Insecure Work: A Factbook, is an analysis of ABS data and points to the fact that less than half of employed Australians hold a permanent full-time paid job and says that “the problem of insecure work has become noticeably worse since 2012”. 
At the same time, part-time employment grew over the five year period between 2012 -2017 reaching almost 31.7 per cent of all jobs. The report states, “the 2017 part time employment share was the highest in Australia’s history; and while the part-time employment rate fell somewhat later in the year, it has been growing again in 2018.”
With insecure work, record low wages growth, and skyrocketing cost of living pressures, Australians are feeling the pinch. 
The Turnbull Government hasn’t done a single thing to address the growing incidence of insecure and casualised work. In fact, they are so out of touch that they try to pretend it isn’t happening. 
Turnbull and his Liberals have failed to acknowledge these challenges, let alone come up with any policy initiatives to deal with them. 
Labor will continue to lead on policies for decent jobs - and will continue to listen to workers about what they are experiencing in the workplace. 
We committed at the last election to examine the definition of “casual” work and to set an objective test for determining when a worker is casual, to introduce a national labour hire licensing scheme and to crack down on sham independent contracting. 
The Turnbull Government on the other hand support cuts to wages through slashing penalty rates, argue against increasing the minimum wage, and focus all their energy on advocating for an $80billion tax cut to the big end of town.


We'll Put People First.