29 May 2018

In Senate Estimates today, Minister Cash continued the outrageous cover up of her and her office’s involvement in the leaks to the media of the Registered Organisation Commission raid on the AWU.  

Senator Cash refused to share with estimates whether she is cooperating with a federal police investigation. She was not even prepared to answer whether or not she has volunteered to make a statement to or has been interviewed by the AFP. 

SENATOR CAMERON: So Minister you’re not prepared to even answer basic questions on your involvement at all, is that correct? 

SENATOR CASH: Senator Cameron I’ve addressed these questions on numerous occasions and I have nothing further to add. 


The Australian public deserve to know if a Cabinet Minister is cooperating with a police investigation. 

It has now been seven months since the Turnbull Government’s politicisation of regulatory agencies was sensationally exposed by a leak to the media of the ROC raid on the AWU. 

It is seven months since Minister Cash misled the Senate five times by falsely denying that her office was the source of the leak. 

It is seven months since the AFP launched a criminal investigation into the leak. 

Yet, Minister Cash is still hiding from scrutiny and the cover up continues. 

In Senate Estimates last week, AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin confirmed it is normal practice for the AFP to speak to anyone who has relevant information to an investigation.  

Considering Minister Cash received a confession from her former staff member, if the AFP hasn’t sought to interview Minister Cash it would be out of the ordinary.  

As a matter of urgency the Minister should end this cover up and answer whether she has cooperated with an AFP investigation.

Senator Cash’s conduct is treating the Parliament and the Australian people with contempt.  

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