10 May 2018

The Budget confirms Labor’s long-held belief that the Turnbull Government botched their skilled migration changes and their reliance on visa levies is deeply flawed with $270 million in cuts to the Skilling Australians Fund uncovered in Turnbull’s big business Budget.

Turnbull and Dutton rushed their temporary skilled migration announcement in April 2017, didn’t undertake appropriate consultation, and were besieged by industry pointing out the unintended impacts – now local workers are paying for their failures.

The Turnbull Government’s stuff ups have forced them to make further skilled migration changes in the Budget – such as refund and exemption provisions – leaving $270 million less going towards skills and training of young and working class Australians.

The Turnbull Government even admits in the Budget papers its failure to get their act together by blaming “delays in the passage of enabling legislation” as one of the reasons for less skills and training funding.

Because of Turnbull’s unfair budget, big business gets a $80 billion hand out whilst Australians miss out on the essential skills and training that should last a lifetime and lead to real jobs with decent wages.

The Budget proves Turnbull’s Skilling Australians Fund –the Government’s primary source of funding for apprenticeships and traineeships – is deeply flawed and insecure because of its reliance on visa levies from overseas workers.

Only Labor has guaranteed funding for TAFE and skills regardless of the number of overseas workers coming to Australia.

Unlike out-of-touch Turnbull, Labor will fight for local workers to have the first shot at local jobs, invest in skills and training, and crack down on rorts in the skilled migration program.

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