07 May 2018

As part of its review on the Australian Public Service, the Liberals should prioritise the way it treats its own workforce. 
Not only have the Liberals slashed thousands of critical jobs from the CSIRO, the Australian Tax Office, ASIC and other agencies but the Government’s Commonwealth Public Sector bargaining policy is unfair, ideological and has resulted in a complete mess.
You can tell a lot about a Government by the way it treats its workforce. Unlike Mr Turnbull, Labor does not believe in cutting jobs and stripping work rights.
For this review to be a genuine bipartisan effort, the Opposition should have been meaningfully involved and consulted in its implementation, but we weren’t.
Labor values the expertise and experience of our public servants from service delivery staff, engineers, scientists, national security professionals, policy makers and the raft of other public service employees who do an excellent job of making Australia a world leader in so many areas through their contributions.
We are calling on the government to take this review seriously and not use it as a platform to further diminish the rights of workers in the public service.


We'll Put People First.