30 Apr 2018

In an extraordinary attack on his senior Minister, Craig Laundy has directly criticised the performance of Senator Cash, while conceding the Government has absolutely no industrial relations agenda. 
In an effort to assert himself, junior Minster Craig Laundy has been reported today as claiming Labor is taking the lead on industrial relations reform “unchallenged”.
This is a thinly veiled assault on the performance and reputation of his colleague, Cabinet Minister Cash, which reveals underlying tension between the two Ministers.  
When a junior Minister accuses his senior Minister of failing, it is clear this is a government at war with itself and exposes deep tensions within the portfolio due to a lack of clarity as to who holds responsibility. 
In addition, it’s a concession that when it comes to workplace relations, this government is a policy free zone.  
This is a government that has no agenda and no ideas. 
Mr Laundy is correct that Labor is leading the policy debate in workplace relations. Federal Labor is committed to making workplaces fairer and more secure and we have announced a suite of policies to do this, with more to come.
Turnbull and his Liberals on the other hand, desperately want the workforce to be low paid, easy to hire and easy to fire - because they have no interest whatsoever in job security for Australian workers. 


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