13 Mar 2018

Only Labor can and will protect penalty rates for Australian workers. 
Today, on Victoria’s Labour Day public holiday, Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Brendan O’Connor, joined Labor candidate for Batman Ged Kearney to discuss the impact of cuts to penalty rates on local workers.
New data shows that shows that retail and pharmacy workers in Victoria are up to and in some instances more than $1,000 worse off over the year since penalty rates were cut, while fast food workers are up to $840 worse off and hospitality workers are up to $790 worse off.
With stagnating wages growth and rising cost of living pressures, the last thing workers need is ongoing penalty rates cuts.
Labor is the only party that can and will stop these pay cuts and make sure that they can’t happen again.
More than 13,100 people, or 1 in 6 Batman workers, work in the retail, food and accommodation industries affected by the cuts.
Retail is the 4th biggest industry in Batman, employing 6,837 local workers. Food and hospitality is the 5th biggest industry in Batman, employing 4,878 workers.
Cutting workers’ pay when wages growth across the country is stagnant is also bad for the economy, as these workers will now have less money to spend in local shops, restaurants and other businesses.
Labor is the only party that can stop this damage being inflicted on our local workers and economy.

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