02 Mar 2018

Minister Cash must do two things today – apologise and then resign.
She needs to apologise for the slanderous slur she made yesterday towards young women working in parliament.
In addition, she must resign as Minister, not just because of her appalling behaviour yesterday, but because for the past 125 days she has refused to cooperate with the Parliament of Australia about the extent of her and her office’s involvement in leaking to the media the raids on AWU offices in October last year.
Last year, Senator Cash misled the parliament on five separate occasions and since then she has been hiding under a public interest immunity defence to avoid scrutiny on this matter.
The Prime Minister has already confirmed that he has stripped Minister Cash of all authority as Minister for Workplace Relations – her position is untenable.
She has no standing or authority and has refused to explain the conduct of her office and abuse of ministerial power - she must now step down.
The integrity of the Government is shot. How can anyone believe anything this Minister ever says? 
The refusal to cooperate is treating the Parliament and the Australian people with contempt

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