28 Feb 2018

Today in Question Time, the Prime Minister confirmed Senator Cash’s responsibility for the Fair Work Act has been stripped from her.

We have now confirmed the Senior Minister for Workplace Relations, Michaelia Cash has no standing before the Fair Work Commission.

This is a government in such chaos that Ministers themselves don’t even know what they’re in charge of.

In Question Time today, I asked the Prime Minister,
O’Connor: “Given there are two Ministers in that department, can he confirm, which Minister is referred to in, and responsible for, administering the Fair Work Act.”
Turnbull: “The Minister responsible for administering the Fair Work Act is the Minister for small and family business, and workplace relations. The member for Reid.”
QT, Wednesday 28 February 2018
In Senate Estimates, Senator Doug Cameron asked Senator Cash,

Cameron: “But are you the Minister for the purposes of the Act?”

Cash: “Yes but he would be as well. Both of us yes, because I would be the person representing him in Cabinet but he takes care of outcome two.”
Senate Estimates, Wednesday 28th February 2018.

So in summary today:

Malcolm Turnbull said the responsible Minister is Mr Laundy.

Senator Cash in Senate Estimates said it was both herself and junior Minister Laundy.

This government does not know who is responsible for what portfolio. It’s a government that is divided, dysfunctional and in disarray.

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