28 Feb 2018

Today in Senate Estimates, Senator Cash yet again refused to answer questions about the AFP investigation into the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) raid on the AWU.

The Minister would not even confirm what the AFP Commissioner said yesterday – that the AFP was never consulted about broad and constant claims of Public Interest Immunity (PII) by both former Attorney General George Brandis and Minister Cash.
“That is the first I’ve heard of the Attorney General making that claim.”
AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin, Tuesday, 27th February 2018

Senator Cash repeatedly refused to answer the simple question – “Isn’t it fact that the AFP has never asked the government to refuse to provide the Senate with answers to questions about the ROC raid?”

Senator Cash’s performance in estimates today showed yet again that this government is doing everything it can to stop the Senate – and the Australian people – from finding out the truth about the unlawful leak of the ROC raid.

It is obvious this is a complete cover up. What is this government trying to hide?

The refusal to cooperate is treating the Parliament and the Australian people with contempt.  

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