09 Feb 2018

The new junior Minister for Workplace Relations has shown his disdain for workers, arguing against pay increases at a time when wages are stagnant.

The junior Minister is far more concerned about business profits than he is about workers earning a decent wage.

In Question Time today Laundy exposed his rudimentary economic credentials with ignorance of the link between wages growth and the economy, let alone his absolute disdain for workers when he focused solely on the negative impact of raising wages.

“I have seen many, many times, the impact that raising wages has on businesses.”
Craig Laundy, QT, Thursday, 8 February 2018

What the junior Minister has failed to understand is that stagnant wage growth has economic ramifications.

Even the Commonwealth Bank has said that parts of the economy have experienced an “income recession” and that weak wages growth is “a significant economic risk.”

This ignorance is hardly surprising from the man who was the director of a number of companies that put in place WorkChoices agreements that the FWC had to throw out because they were fundamentally unfair.

Turnbull and his Liberals are presiding over an economy where business profits are up 20 per cent at the same time as wages growth is at  a mere 2 per cent – and they have no plans to deal with these serious problems.
Turnbull and his Liberals need to understand that  increasing taxes on seven million working Australians while giving a tax cut to millionaires, will not increase wage growth.

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