08 Feb 2018

Malcolm Turnbull’s Workplace Bargaining Policy seeks to reintroduce WorkChoices and put an end to enterprise bargaining in the public service.

This is another attempt to tilt the balance of bargaining power further away from workers. 

In a Q&A explaining the new bargaining framework, Government Agencies are discouraged from entering into enterprise agreements. The document states:
“Is my agency required to negotiate a new enterprise agreement?
The decline of enterprise bargaining is contributing to wages growth at record low levels and rising inequality and Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals are trying to make it worse.
They have also continued to freeze public service wages growth at 2 per cent.
Labor is concerned that the Turnbull Government is incapable of addressing consistently flat wages growth – and in fact they’re making things worse.
The new policy for the public sector sets a bad example for the private sector to follow.

You can tell a lot about a Government by the way it treats its workforce.
Unlike Mr Turnbull, Labor does not believe in cutting jobs and stripping rights.
Labor values the expertise and experience of our public servants from service delivery staff, engineers, scientists, national security professionals, policy makers and the raft of other public service employees who do an excellent job of making Australia a world leader in so many areas through their contributions.
This is a further kick in the guts to hardworking Australians and shows just how determined this Government is to increase the pressure on already cash-squeezed households.

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