01 Feb 2018

Yet again, Turnbull and his Liberals have demonstrated how out of touch they are with working Australians, refusing to join with Labor to overturn cuts to penalty rates.
True to form, in their response tabled yesterday to the Senate Education and Employment References Committee ‘Report into Penalty Rates’, Turnbull and his Liberals have shown complete disregard for up to 700,000 Australian workers whose pay has already gone down under their watch – and who will get a pay cut again every July until 2020 because Turnbull supports cutting penalty rates.
No one should really be surprised – Turnbull and every member of his government voted against overturning the penalty rates cut over and over again in the parliament last year.  They even voted against their own legislation in order to make sure that penalty rate cuts continue.
Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals own these cuts. They are responsible for the impact they will have on Australian families.
While Malcolm Turnbull cuts penalty rates for Australian workers, he is giving millionaires a $16,400 tax cut and spending $65 billion on a tax handout to the big banks and multinational corporations.
Labor will reverse Turnbull’s tax cuts for millionaires and multinationals and restore penalty rates in our first 100 days of government .
Australians needs a pay rise, not a pay cut.
Under the Turnbull Government we are headed to a low-wage, easy-to-hire, easy-to-fire society.

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