25 Jan 2018

Reports in the Morning Bulletin expose the Government’s inaction on the issue of casualisation and the Member for Capricornia for misrepresenting that she’s ever done anything on the issue.
Michelle Landry’s comments on casualisation are all talk and no action.
Ms Landry is attempting to persuade her electorate that she has been working hard on this issue in Canberra, when the facts show this isn’t true.
Firstly, the Turnbull Government hasn’t done a single thing to address the growing incidence of insecure and casualised work.
Instead they are contributing to the rise of insecure work through their failure to do anything to address problems with labour hire particularly in the mining industry, their support for companies terminating enterprise agreements, their support for cuts to penalty rates, and their exploitative Youth Jobs PaTH program.
Secondly, Michelle Landry thinks Senator Cash is “new” to the employment portfolio, which begs the question, who has she been talking to for the last 4 years?
Now it seems her grand plan is simply to have a conversation with the Minister, Michaelia Cash. This is hardly a plan to tackle mine casualisation. It’s seems more like a plan to try to secure her own job by fooling her electorate that she has done something.
True to form, Michelle Landry says one thing in her electorate and does another in Canberra.
It’s time the Government followed Labor and put workers and decent jobs first.
Labor committed at the last election to examine the definition of “casual” work and to set an objective test for determining when a worker is casual, to introduce a national labour hire licensing scheme and to crack down on sham independent contracting. Since the last election Labor has committed to limiting the capacity for the termination of enterprise agreements, and preventing companies from entering into sham enterprise agreements. Compare this with the Government’s inaction

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