21 Dec 2017

In the lead up to this festive season, Labor is standing with owner truck drivers who are facing exploitation through reduced rates of pay and brutally long hours, which is risking safety on our roads for everybody.
During the Christmas period last year, 15 individuals died in truck crashes, and according to official statistics from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics, fatal crashes involving articulated trucks have increased by 9.4 per cent this year.
Turnbull and his Liberals must refocus on road safety and safety in our trucking industry.
Owner drivers have come forward claiming they have faced pay cuts, overwhelming stress, and relentless working hours.
In February, a Macquarie University study highlighted that one in ten truck drivers work over 80 hours a week and 42 per cent of owner drivers said the reason they do not report safety breaches is because of fear of losing their jobs.
By abolishing the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT), which would have dealt with such exploitation, Turnbull and his Liberals are enabling such treatment.
It is unacceptable that this Government removed an independent body that addressed the pressure on truck drivers to speed or cut corners to earn a living wage.
The safety of these drivers along with the safety on our roads is at risk, and they have no independent tribunal to resolve their problem.
Malcolm Turnbull was reckless in abolishing the RSRT.
Labor doesn’t want to see people dying on our roads and the facts are that when truck drivers are overworked safety for all road users is jeopardised.

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