20 Dec 2017

In a move that signals a return to WorkChoices, Malcolm Turnbull has appointed Craig Laundy as the minister responsible for the workplace relations portfolio.
Not only has Malcolm Turnbull dropped industrial relations from Cabinet, because he doesn’t understand the importance of proper regulation and protections for working people, he has appointed Craig Laundy.
Mr Laundy’s record is as follows:
• He was the director of a number of companies that put in place WorkChoices agreements that the FWC had to throw out because they were fundamentally unfair;
• He paid workers under the minimum Award rate;
• He has argued for and cuts to penalty rates at every opportunity; and has voted in support of those cuts 8 times.
This is the direction Turnbull wants to take workplace relations – backwards and with less protections for working Australians.
Malcolm Turnbull and the Howard Government introduced WorkChoices, which allowed agreements like Craig Laundy’s to leave workers worse off. 
Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals want cuts to penalty rates and they are responsible for the impact these cuts will have on Australian families.



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