28 Nov 2017

Following reports today that Minister Cash’s office is refusing to provide documents in response to a Buzzfeed Freedom of Information (FOI) request, the question must be asked - what does Minister Cash have to hide?
Buzzfeed reports that, in refusing to hand over communication between the Minister, her office and the FWO media director, the Minister’s office asserted that to release relevant information might influence a police investigation.  Is Minister Cash admitting that she is under investigation for her role  in the leak?
The Minister has also declined to produce documents in response to a Senate order to produce documents. 
It is obvious that Michaelia Cash is clutching at straws now in a desperate attempt to cover up her office’s involvement in this scandal.
If she had nothing to worry about, Minister Cash would release all communications between herself, her staff, staff at the Fair Work Commission and the Registered Organisations Commission in relation to her office’s involvement in tipping off the media regarding AFP raids on the AWU.

The integrity of the Government is shot. How can anyone believe anything this Minister ever says?

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