14 Nov 2017

Labor welcomes the Federal Court decision to overturn One Key Resources’ sham enterprise agreement.

The ruling blocks dodgy attempts by the company to pass an inferior agreement that applies to more than a thousand workers, voted on by only three workers.

It is not good enough that Turnbull and his Liberals have completely failed to address this growing problem which undermines collective bargaining.

Rather than standing up for workers’ rights, they have actively encouraged employers to engage in tactics to game the fair work laws and cut workers’ wages and conditions.

The Federal Court judgement follows Labor’s announcement last month that we will change the law to ensure that collective bargaining is not undermined by sham agreements.

A Shorten Labor Government will legislate to make clear that the workers who vote on an agreement must be broadly representative of the workers who may ultimately be covered by the agreement.

It will no longer be possible to specify that an agreement signed up to by workers in one place covers people employed in very different locations.

It will no longer be possible to have short-term casual workers reach agreement on terms that bind permanent workers.

Labor will also change the law so that workers and their unions can apply to the Fair Work Commission to re-negotiate sham enterprise agreements.

Turnbull and his Liberals have not taken any action that improves the bargaining position of employees relative to employers.

Australians deserve a government that understands that the challenges in Australia’s labour market and workplaces are real and puts people’s wellbeing above corporate profits.


We'll Put People First.