02 Nov 2017

According to a new report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Australia's efforts to close the gender pay gap have gone backwards, which is an appalling reflection of the Government's lack of interest in this issue. 
The WEF ranks Australia 42nd out of 144 countries, falling from 12th position a decade ago.
Instead of taking measures to identify and fix the gender pay gap, Turnbull and his Liberals have made matters worse by throwing their full support behind cuts to penalty rates, which disproportionately impact women. 
More needs to be done by Turnbull and his Liberals to ensure that women are afforded the same wages for the same skills, qualifications and responsibilities as men. 
Of particular concern to Labor is that "women's work" is valued less. A woman working in a female-dominated industry on average earns almost $40,000 less each year than a man in a male dominated industry. 
For 20 years, there has been no real progress reducing gender pay inequity in Australia. 
Earlier this year, a Federal Government agency told Parliament that Australia is 50 years away from closing the pay gap. 
A recent Senate Inquiry, led by Labor Senator Jenny McAllister, found Australia needs a national policy framework to achieve gender pay equity. 
Yet the Liberals have no plan to reduce pay inequity. 
Labor is committed to tackling inequality wherever we see it. 
Only Labor will restore penalty rates and make sure our workplace relations system has appropriate power to fix the gender pay gap and ensure women are able to participate in the workforce on equal terms with men.


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