31 Oct 2017

Minister Cash has finally revealed that her senior media advisor was already planning on leaving the job before admitting to tipping off the media in relation to the AWU raids, but the question remains why did the Minister fail to inform the Senate of this pertinent information?
In confirming the senior media advisor was leaving the job not the office, the only reasonable explanation as to why the Minister did not explain this to the Senate was that she then would have to explain that the person giving media advice to the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) was to be the replacement.
“A spokesman for Senator Cash said Mr De Garis was due to return to his Perth-based role as a strategic adviser to the minister as soon as Mr Lee commenced as senior media adviser.”
The Australian, Monday, 30 October, 2017
Let me make that clear - the media advisor to the ROC was made aware of the AFP raids on the AWU at 12.30pm on the day events unfolded and was about to take up a job in the Minister's office. 
Why did the Minister fail to explain this to the Senate? 
Serious questions remain as to who the 'media source' responsible for informing the Minister's office was and to the politicised nature of the regulator. 
It is unfathomable that Minister Cash did not ask who her senior media advisor's 'media source' for the AFP raid tip off was. If she failed to ask this question, it is either a display of complete incompetence or she is covering something up. 
Minister Cash should release the paper work showing when arrangements were made for the ROC media advisor to take up a position in her office and what position it was for along with the information about her senior media advisor’s plans to change jobs.
Senator Cash's story is unravelling by the day. It's hard to see how anyone will trust anything she says.
Turnbull must stand the Minister down.
The integrity of the Government is shot. How can anyone believe anything this Minister ever says?


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